ANTONIO GOMILA, SA, leader in the construction and implementation at regional level insular company, has always belonged to the group of large companies that have participated in the development of the infrastructure of our community.

Since its inception in 1988, the corporate purpose of the company, initially focused on the construction of all types of works and installations, has expanded its scope of work and adapt to new expectations within the construction industry and services, thus passing to develop investment projects and property development, provision of water supply and sewerage, cleaning and maintenance of facilities, urban solid waste collection, maritime passenger transport, treatment, treatment, utilization, processing, collection, storage, transport and water and waste disposal, etc..

Following this line of expansion, in the month of May 2008 the company ANTONIO GOMILA, SA was awarded the SERVICE MUNICIPAL WATER AND SANITATION OF TERM MERCADAL and in the month of May 2013 was awarded SERVICE MUNICIPAL WATER AND SANITATION BINISSALEM.

The aim of these new projects is to get to these municipal service center Supply and Sanitation own waters of a modern, sustainable, adapted to new technologies and constant tourist, commercial and industrial development municipalities.

ANTONIO GOMILA, SA has the capacity to develop this project by providing them with a highly qualified staff and adequate material resources, all integrated within a System of Quality Management based on UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000, certified by AENOR as a guarantee of compliance with the best practices required by the rules.

Moreover ANTONIO GOMILA, SA in its commitment to environmental preservation, has an Environmental Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 14:001:2.004 certified by AENOR as security for compliance of good practice required by the rules, which integrates environmental protection into our overall management.

Finally, in the prevention of occupational hazards, ANTONIO GOMILA, SA also has a Management System of Occupational Risks 18001:2.007 based on standard OHSAS certified by AENOR as ensuring compliance with good practice required by the rules, which is to establish the requirements that allow greater control over the risks and improve the performance of actions in terms of safety and health for workers.



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